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I am accredited in crystal therapy, numerology, Reiki/Sekhem, meditation coaching, Advanced Theta Healing and traditional African healing. I am also a member of The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, The Reiki Association and the World Metaphysical Association.


Choose from a numerology or tarot-based/ oracle card reading to clear the fog and gain clarity in all areas of your life including love, money, career, family and more.

Alchemic Healing

Re-wire your brain and energetic being to be in cosmic alignment with your soul’s deepest desires using hypnotherapy, reiki, crystal therapy and more.

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Meditation Coaching

Restore balance, feel grounded, banish anxiety and connect to source energy using powerful and effective KTK Alchemy meditation techniques.

Transformational packages

Explore and unlock your true potential with programmes lasting four weeks or more designed to fast track your alchemic glow-up so you can attract the life you deserve.

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