Do you suffer from poor energetic hygiene? Here are 4 tell-tale signs that you are in need of an energy clearing.

4 signs you need energy clearing

Your energetic body is just like your physical body: it needs a good old cleaning from time to time else you run the risk of becoming a little, well, you know…


But unlike your physical body, poor energetic hygiene will have you feeling the funk rather than seeing or smelling it.


Energy clearing when done correctly can heal your chakras, remove energetic contaminants, and destroy negative thought forms and behaviour patterns.


That’s why I recommend everyone have an energy clearing session as often as possible – no matter how frequently they might swish some sage around.


Here are my four signs that you need an energy clearing.


You feel blocked

Do you ever feel like whenever you try to make “moves” it’s almost like someone has tied your shoelaces together? You’ve gone from go-getter to stop-giver and you can’t figure out why.


Some of my clients come to me believing they are “cursed”, and others think it might have something to do the negative thoughts they have on repeat. Either way this is a case of classic energetic blockages that needs to be cleared pronto.


You’re always sick

A yawn here, a sniffle there… it always feels like you are just recovering from something. You’ve made all the changes to your nutrition and lifestyle habits you can think of, but another cold-like illness is breathing down your neck.


This screams an energetic body that needs serious TLC. You probably have a leaky aura and a solar plexus chakra that needs its fire re-igniting. An energy healing session can fix that for you.


You just can’t move on

No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to move on from that person that tap-danced on your heart yet frolics so freely through your mind. You are convinced they were your soul mate, twin flame… their name obviously etched on your soul.


But it’s been years now and you want rid. Is it a soul tie? Or perhaps it’s just a mental tie. Doesn’t matter which. An energy clearing can help loosen any bond that no longer serves.


Your relationships are a little flimsy

Reality TV doesn’t have a patch on you. Tears, tantrums and tear-ups are just a typical Monday.  What’s that perfume you’re wearing? Eau du Drama?


Energy clearing will help to rebalance you and make sure you are projecting the version of yourself you see in your head rather than the toxic person others experience.


Book an energy clearing session with me.


I’ve been doing this for a while now and believe me I’ve seen it all. From blocked chakras causing havoc; limiting beliefs and emotions such as guilt and resentment gnawing away at the soul; to spiritual contaminants such as karmic contracts, cords and entities literally making your life a nightmare.


I use a range of modalities including sound therapy, Reiki, crystal therapy, emotional acupuncture and hypnosis to clear you on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.


My alchemic healing session is most suited to those wanting to work on emotions and limiting beliefs.


The spiritual spa session is perfect for those you want to pamper their soul and clear energetic and spiritual problems.


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