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Energetic Hygiene Online Masterclass

12 October 2021 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Are you saging, palo santoing and all those things insta posts have told you to do but still experiencing musty energy?

That’s because there is much more to energetic and spiritual hygiene than just smudging.

In my FREE online masterclass on Tuesday 12 October, 8pm, I’ll be sharing with you:

  • Why sage isn’t the answer to all of your problems
  • Why your obsession with cleansing and clearing could be to your detriment
  • The importance of boundaries especially for “empaths”
  • My top 3 energetic hygiene practices

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Honouring your soul is a sacred and powerful tool when you do it the right way.

Learn to align truly with your soul, operating with an unshakeable level of purpose and clarity
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