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This Saturday’s full moon in Libra and is just steeped in the need to find balance in all areas of your life.

Full moon in Libra is all about balance

This Saturday’s full moon in Libra is just steeped in the need to find balance in all areas of your life.

If you have had a hard time making important decisions or find yourself procrastinating, this full moon will shine an intensely bright light on that fact, pushing you find harmony.

Being ruled by Venus you can expect all of your relationships to come into focus. The dynamics between you and your partner, friends and family will be reflected back at you forcing you to contemplate the most important relationship you have… the one with yourself.

Take some time to balance feelings of insecurity and underachievement with accomplishment and worthiness.

You have so much to give to the world, but you need to figure out which things, people and emotions are weighing down your scales and get ready to release them.


Tips for a Libra full moon.
Assess all the relationships in your life

Take a look at your current relationships and see how you can make them healthier and more balanced.

Get ready to release

As the moon starts to wane, now is the perfect time to release and let go what no longer serves you. Communicate from the heart open and honestly so that the relationships that are most important to you can continue to thrive and flourish.

Say your affirmations

Libra full moon is all about balance, these affirmations should help you get into the right mindset:

I am balanced

I balance mind body and soul

I balance giving and receiving

I balance work and pleasure

Charge your crystals

Use the full moon energy to empower your crystals; particularly magnesite for emotions and self-love and chrysocolla to help heal your relationships.


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