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Are you ready for this Friday’s New Moon in Aries?

Get ready for the intensity of the Aries new moon

Are you ready for this Friday’s New Moon?

Aries moons are known for intensifying anything that is happening in your life right now – good news if you are making moves and are on your way to want you to be.

But, if you are lacking direction or feeling a little frustrated with your lack of progress, this moon is going to make you feel this 10-fold.

Aries season is the start of the astrological new year and of spring making it a great time for new beginnings, sowing seeds and putting yourself first.

If you didn’t make any resolutions at the start of the calendar year, or they need some extra juice, use this Aries New Moon to add some fire to your plans.


Tips for the Aries New Moon
Work on your root chakra

This moon has the potential to make you feel ungrounded, fearful and survival instincts will start to kick in.

Interestingly, Aries (Mars) is associated with root chakra which is going to need to be in peak performance to help navigate these feelings.

Take charge

Make a full plan for what you would like to achieve this year, set deadlines and really commit to yourself.

Show up for yourself

Between now and the full moon, be consistent and dedicate some time (even if it’s just 10 minutes a day) to yourself. Think wellness, self-care and personal development.

Use your crystals

Moonstone or Moss Agate will help you with new beginnings and bloodstone is super dope for bravery and motivation.

Say your affirmations

Affirmations are powerful ways to programme yourself for success.

Some cool affirmations for an Aries New Moon:

I am bold

I am important

I am brave

I am on purpose

I am making my dreams real


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