Heal Mind, Body and Soul with Sound

Heal Mind, Body and Soul with Sound

Looking for a cool new way to improve mind, body and soul? Then you need to try sound therapy!

Sound therapy (also known as sound healing) uses vibrations and frequencies from instruments – and sometimes the voice – to restore your entire being to a state of balance.

Since incorporating crystal singing bowls into my healing with sessions clients. I’ve witnessed:

  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • improved sleep
  • reduction of physical pain
  • better periods
  • deep relaxation
  • ability to process complex emotions
  • overall boost in mood and vitality

Why are the results so amazing? The powerful vibrations of the bowls are able to clear stubborn energetic and emotional blockages by penetrating deeply into chakras and other parts of the mind and body that are congested.

When you attend regular sessions, the healing is able to go deeper than the previous session and root out everything that no longer serves you.

Want to try sound healing for free?

I run weekly sound healing sessions every Thursday in South London that you can attend for FREE.

All you need is a yoga mat (or a blanket) and an eye mask if you prefer to be in complete darkness.

Fancy coming along:

Thursdays, 6.20-7.30pm
Stockwell Park Community Trust
21 Aytoun Place

(click here for map)