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Imagine you have two amethyst crystals.

How much have you connected with your crystals?

Imagine you have two amethyst crystals.

Your crystal directory would have you believe that they are both the same, but that’s just not true.

I’ve learnt this over the years doing crystal therapy on myself and clients. My pendulum will tell me I need amethyst for example, but it is really specific about which one.

That’s because crystals are just like people. They each have their own personalities, wisdom, knowledge and healing energy to share with you.

So just how do you know what secrets your crystals have to tell you?

In my online masterclass, Thursday 28 October, 7-9pm, I will teach you how to tap into the true potential of your crystals.

To do this we will:

  • Connect with your crystal by regressing with it all the way back to its formation
  • Learn how to listen to what your crystal has to tell you including how it wants to be taken care of
  • Discover if your crystal has any particular “friends” in your collection that it enjoys being with
  • Find out how to pick the right crystals for the right jobs


  • Free crystal log book worth £11
  • Free crystal meditation

You will need at least 3 crystals for this workshop. Two should be the same kind (eg two rose quarts) and a different type of crystal (eg Tigers eye).


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