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How your name can reveal your soul’s deepest secrets

Did you know that your birth name could answer some of life’s trickiest riddles like:

  • Why have I experienced what I have in life?
  • How comes my relationships always seems to go the same way?
  • Who am I truly at my core?
  • What was I really sent here to do?

Soul Contract readings are basically like the manual of you. They tell the story written for you before you were born and hold the secrets of how you can master this current lifetime.

Despite being based on your name, it is actually a numerology reading.

Using the Hebrew alphabet system, we look at each letter in your name and its corresponding potent numerological energy.

This is then charted on a star with areas that represent your challenges, talents and goals – both on a spiritual and physical level – as well as your soul’s true destiny.

A Soul Contract reading with me also includes tarot and crystals to dig deeper into your spiritual fabric.

This has become one of my favourite readings to do because it’s almost like a spiritual x-ray. Every part of you that needs to be seen will be revealed so the true healing can begin.

Reasons you should book a Soul Contract Reading:

  • To gain clarity in work and career
  • Uncover your soul’s true purpose
  • Understand family and relationship dynamics
  • Find out where your power is being robbed and how to claim it back
  • Discover the talents you have kept hidden that you need to express
  • Free yourself of your past (and past life) so you can move forward

In fact, I have used Soul Contract readings with clients to help them with:

  • Sex and sexuality
  • Overcoming abuse
  • Finding purpose
  • Career planning
  • Healing heartbreak
  • Confidence building
  • And more

Book your Soul Contract reading now to discover how you can become the best version of yourself.

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