Crystals Rock – gift set


Level up your gemistry game with this Crystals Rock box set!
Inject a shot of dopeness into your crystal collection with this kit full of rough, polished and crystal clusters. Perfect for the those new to the crystal life, or those who want to expand their toolkit.

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Selenite charging plate
Rough Rose Quartz
Rough Labradorite
Polished Aquamarine
Polished Aventurine
Polished Clear Quartz
Polished Moss Agate
Amethyst Cluster
Citrine Cluster
Blue Tigers Eye
Red Jasper
Polished Tourmaline
Polished Snowflake Obsidian
Polished Blue Calcite

Selenite  creates a peaceful atmosphere and is able to transmit its fine vibration to other crystals placed on it. It is amazing for meditation and spiritual work – some people even use it for scrying.

Rose Quartz the crystal of universal love. It’s dope at instilling feelings of self-love and romantic love for others. It also carries a beautiful forgiving energy making it a must in the toolkit of any one embarking on a healing journey.

Labradorite is a mystical and protective stone is essential for anyone wanting to connect with higher energies. Looking to increase your intuition and spiritual gifts? This powerful crystal is for you.

Aquamarine is a gorgeous blue crystal that not only shields your aura, it also aligns your chakras and opens clairvoyance. It is a stone of courage and is also pretty good at protecting you from spiritual and physical pollutants.

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual crystals there is. It’s said that putting a piece under your pillow aids intuitive and/ or lucid dreams and even out-of-body experiences. Want to upgrade your meditation practice? Then hold a chunk of Amethyst for deeper insights.

Aventurine not only brings prosperity, it also absorbs electromagnetic and environmental pollution. Green Aventurine is a great healing crystal, working beautifully on the heart chakra as well as being able to dissolve negative thoughts and feelings.

Moss Agate is able to connect you with nature and attract abundance. It balances emotions, allows for easier communication and releases fear and improves self-esteem. This crystal is also known as a birthing crystal and is said to aid for a good delivery.

Blue Calcite is known for its abilities to remove stagnant energy. It helps smooth out frazzled nerves and banish anxiety. This wonderful stone also helps speed up spiritual development and allows your soul to remember experiences when it returns to the body.

Citrine  is not only a powerful cleanser (you can even use it to clean other crystals), it also has energising properties that work on mind, body and soul. It is also an abundance stone so is fantastic in manifesting work.

Red Jasper is used to ground energies and reveal issues before they get too big to handle. It can clean and strengthen your aura, strengthen your boundaries and is an amazing at detoxifying your circulatory system.


Lapis Lazuli is known for its ability to open your third eye and balance your throat chakra. But did you know it can also recognise psychic attack, blocks the energy and returns to sender? It can also build stronger bonds in relationships if that’s what you want, or dissolve emotional bondage if you want to be free.


Snowflake Obsidian is the gentler version of Obsidian. It helps you to recognise thought and behaviour patterns that don’t serve you. It teaches that mistakes are just as valuable as success and allows you to fully surrender during the meditation process.


Clear Quartz  is known as the master healer making it perfect for any situation. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It’s main goal is perfection and it has the uncanny ability to take energy back to before any dis-ease set in.


Blue Tigers Eye is a protective stone used to guard against hexes and ill well. It also heals self-esteem, releases stress and calms the mind. Got an overactive sex drive? Blue Tigers Eye will help to cool any frustrations you may feel.


Tourmaline cleanses, purifies and transform dark heavy energy. It is great for balancing your chakras as well as protecting from radiation so place a piece near your microwave, wifi box

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