Alchemic Healing

Alchemy is the art of transmuting heavy, stagnant energy into something that is of a higher vibration and value. The moment you start on your healing journey, the alchemy begins.


You have probably realised by now that self-help techniques will only get you so far.

KTK Alchemy healings are special


What you really need is someone who can:

  • See your blind-spots

  • Hold space for you in a compassionate, non-judgemental way

  • Stop you tapping out when things get too tough

My alchemic healing sessions are designed to get right to the core of your issues using a wide range of tools including energy healing, hypnosis and shamanic techniques.


By booking an Alchemic Session you can:

  • Finally free yourself of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Repair your energetic body including chakras and auric field

  • Clear yourself of any spiritual contaminants such as cords and karmic debts

Choose from either an Alchemic Healing Session, or a full Spiritual Spa Session

Alchemic Healing Session

Clear limiting beliefs, release emotions and trauma and step into your true power with a spiritual alchemy session.


This 1 hour session is designed to transmute low vibrational thoughts, behaviours and emotions to a higher frequency that is more in alignment with your divine purpose and healing using a mixture of modalities including:

  • Hypnosis

  • Visualisation

  • Breath work

  • Theta Healing

  • Guidance from spiritual guides and ancestors

Spiritual alchemy sessions are perfect for a wide range of issues including:

  • Anxiety

  • Heart break

  • Low self-esteem, self-worth and confidence

  • Sexuality

  • Lack of purpose and clarity

  • Blocked creativity

  • And more

In the session we will:

  • Identify the issue that needs work

  • Do some digging to uncover the true root of the issue and why it has remained for so long

  • Release its imprint energetically

  • Download higher vibrational behaviours and thought forms

Depending on the issue, more than one session may be required.

Spiritual Spa Session

This 1 ½ hour session is a spiritual spa for your soul!

  • Rejuvenate and cleanse  your chakras

  • Heal tears and leaks in your aura

  • Cut cords and remove other energetic debris and contaminants that may be lurking in your heart, mind, throat and reproductive space

This healing session mixes Sekhem/Reiki, crystal therapy, Solfeggio Frequencies and crystal light therapy.


Spiritual Spa healing sessions are powerful enough to take place remotely, but can be done in-person on request.


If conducted remotely, you will be sent an 1 ½ guided meditation track to amplify the healing while I work on you. We will then discuss anything that came up during the session.

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