Readings are an amazing way to gain clarity on your current situation, things that have happened in the past and what you can expect in the future.


This new knowledge will empower you to move through any challenges and obstacles with renewed energy, clear direction and peace of mind.

KTK Alchemy readings are different


If you are looking for more than just fortune telling, you have come to the right place. My readings have your healing and soul alignment at the heart of them. I use numerology, Kemetic tarot cards and psychic intuition to connect with your soul, higher self, ancestors and spirit guides to get the most relevant spiritual downloads for you.


I will also make suggestions on spiritual and energetic remedies (including chakra work, mantras, incenses, and rituals) where appropriate to help you fully step into the life your guides have set out for you.


Choose from either an As Above, So Below reading or a Soul contract Reading.

As Above, So Below Reading

Dive deeply into the layers of your reality with his alchemic reading paying homage to the Hermetic axiom: “As above, so below. As within, so without.”

Using oracle cards, guidance from my spirit guides, ancestors and the universe, we will look at:

  • You as the central focus – what is happening in with you right now

  • Above: the invisible/ spiritual influences surrounding you

  • Below: the material things/ people/ places that are affecting you

  • Within: what is inside of you and manifesting in the outside world

  • Without: what from the outside world you are internalising

  • How all of this information can be reconciled for your highest and greatest good.

Being an alchemic reading, you will also gain insight into which chakras need some care and attention in order to achieve maximum spiritual, emotional and energetic wellbeing.

Soul Contract Reading

Your name reveals more about you than you would believe.


It was chosen by your soul for the unique vibration is possesses and therefore experience you will have on Earth.


This Soul Contract reading uses the letters in your birth name and their numerological value as well as crystals and tarot to reveal the story your soul wrote for you before you were born.


Find out:

  • What challenges you have/ will experience in life and what they have been designed to unlock in you

  • What hidden talents you have that will upgrade your experience in this incarnation

  • What goals your soul needs for you to achieve to guarantee its further ascension

This reading is perfect for:

  • Providing purpose, clarity and direction

  • Giving context to painful and traumatic experiences

  • Empowering you to follow your soul and heart’s desire

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