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There’s an art to hitting reset

From time to time we all find ourselves in a situation where we throw our hands up and say: “Fuck it, I’ve got to hit reset.”

What usually gets us to that point varies. Things ain’t going exactly as we had planned. Maybe we have got so lost in the sauce we have forgotten our true flavour. Or perhaps the discipline we once had seems like a distant memory.

So we decide to hit reset and hope we find ourselves again.

The thing most people don’t realise is that there is an art to hitting reset.

We’re not like computers where we can just restore to a previous system point. That would be the biggest mistake.

Essentially you would be just going back to a point in the timeline that set you on the road to “this-ain’t-quite-how-I want-to-be-ness”.

What you really want to do is go back to the future.

Yep. Your reset should never be about going back in time but leaping forward towards the desired you. The only step backwards you take is to get a look at the bigger picture, and to give yourself the momentum to land feet first in a situation far more desirable to where you are now, and where you have been previously.

I’ve got a FREE masterclass on Tuesday 5 October, 8-9pm where I unpack this in much more detail. I’ll be talking about:

  • Finding your true restore point
  • Developing ritual
  • Becoming who you are becoming
  • Living in the moment while being aware of the future
  • Releasing yourself from your muck ups

You won’t want to miss this. Learning how to hit reset properly has been a real game changer for me and I know it will be for you too.

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