Use the power of spring to manifest your heart’s desires

Woman sowing seeds

Use the power of spring to manifest your heart’s desires

Springtime is amazing. If you are not wowed by the beautiful birdsongs, trees blossoming again after being left naked by the winter, or the sun smiling golden in the blue face of the sky – maybe the idea of being able to increase your manifesting abilities will win you over.

Spring ushers in the energy of renewal, potential, growth and expansion. Tapping into this energy and harnessing it for your own endeavours is super powerful and can yield huge results.

Over the years, I have fine-tuned my springtime ritual which has really boosted my spiritual and energetic expansion, as well as supercharging my manifesting abilities.

Here are some of my top tips for tuning in and making the most of this energy for yourself.

Spring Clean

It is time to get your house in order. Clear out the clutter, dust your ceilings and wash those windows!

Not only does this have aesthetic benefits, it also helps break-up and clear out stagnant energy that has accumulated.

I love to use spiritual waters such as Florida Water on my windows, doors and floors to help remove any negativity and assert the sacredness of my space. I’ll also smudge, visualise and pray my home clean.

In homage to the fact that it is springtime, I’ll also use floral waters and essential oils such as rose, jasmine and lavender. They are high vibrational and remind me of what can blossom.

Have a reading

Readings are powerful tools when looking for guidance on what lays in front of you.

When I do springtime readings on myself, I am less concerned with the material and tangible things that may lay ahead.

Instead, I focus on what emotions could emerge, what will block my growth and what I have the potential to manifest both energetically and physically.

Once I know this, I can play to my strengths and start to weed out any emotions, thoughtforms and behaviours that could have a negative impact on my ability to move forward with ease.

Energetic scan

A chakra and aura MOT is a must during this time. You need your energetic body to be firing on all cylinders for your wellbeing in general; but especially if you plan to sow any seeds of intention.

When I do my chakra and aura scans, I look for any blockages, tears or leaks and get to work fixing them. This could include releasing energy, cutting cords, meditation, wearing elixirs or using crystal.

This process is vital in ensuring that my energetic being is fertile ground for any seeds of intention I plan to sow.

Sow your intentions

Now that the groundwork has been done, the energy around you is ripe for planting your seeds of intention.

My first port of call is to review any resolutions I set at the beginning of the calendar year and see where I am at with them.

Nature teaches us that any seeds that are planted need to be cared for and nurtured if they are going to grow and blossom into something beautiful.

Your intentions should be consistently watered with action, self-belief and passion else your crop will certainly fail.

I love to use spring to manifest longer-term goals. In keeping with the cycles of nature, I usually harvest the fruits of my labour around about autumn time. But this method works equally as well for short-term goals

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