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Hi I’m Tay. Numerologist, spiritual alchemist and empowerer of women.

You have probably realised by now that Instagram memes, YouTube videos and self-help books will only get you so far.

What you really need is someone who can:

  • See your blind-spots
  • Hold you accountable
  • Stop you tapping out when things get tough

So why me?

If we were going by life and personal experience alone, you could say I am more than qualified to help you on your journey.

But to be honest with you, that shouldn’t be enough when choosing someone to root around in your mind, fiddle with your chakras and massage your soul.

You need someone who is accredited

I am accredited in crystal therapy, numerology, Reiki/Sekhem, meditation coaching, Advanced Theta Healing and traditional African healing. I am also a member of The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, The Reiki Association and the World Metaphysical Association.

You need someone who is insured

I am fully insured for all of the services I offer including psychic and intuitive work.

You need someone who is in alignment to you

I know how to mix the ancient with the modern. I’ll show you how easy it is to be a 21st century woman while still honouring your soul.

There are a few ways you can work with me


Join me for live and pre-recorded sessions pulling back the curtain on the spiritual world, giving you alchemic tools to transform your life.

(Link to events page)

KTK Alchemy YOUniversity

Enrol on courses and download e-books carefully created for you to go a little deeper with your healing at your own pace.

(link to course page)

1:1 Sessions

Are you ready to accelerate your transformation with a tailor-made program that will heal trauma, repair your energetic body and help you to consciously create a life in true alignment with your soul’s true purpose?

Begin your transformation (link to transformation page)


I occasionally open my diary for numerology and Soul Blueprint readings. Find out your why, when and how with either of these powerful readings. Join the register to be the first to find out when slots are available.

Link to form that links to numerology waiting list

Honouring your soul is a sacred and powerful tool when you do it the right way.

Learn to align truly with your soul, operating with an unshakeable level of purpose and clarity

Awaken your soul

a seemingly magical process of transformation
creation, or combination.

Goddess Awakening
Restore and Reset
Magnetic Manifestation

Have a chat with me to find out which transformation course will suit you
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